SEO : Google Search has updated its algorithm.

If your site has been recently disturbed in its natural referencing, it is possible that this update is the cause. Google has just announced via its Twitter account an important update of its Google Search algorithms.

This update is the first major update of the year 2023, the last one being in September 2022. Google said its update history will be updated once the rollout is complete, but did not specify how long it will take.

Just a few weeks ago, Google announced a major update regarding product reviews in some countries, including France. This update was intended to improve the quality and relevance of the product comparison and test pages. As usual, Google did not give details on the nature of this new update, but the long-term goal of the company remains to reference quality content increasingly relevant to Internet users.

SEO and Google search 2023 update

Major updates generally have the greatest impact on site traffic, both positive and negative. However, it is not advisable to make radical changes to reverse a bad trend. The relevance and reliability of the pages for your audience remain the main data to consider on your site. In case of a drop in traffic, Google suggests to look at the content of the pages.

If you need to make changes to your pages, we recommend that you focus on the content itself, as this is what Google’s algorithms are based on. It is important to note that it usually takes a few days to observe noticeable changes, so it is advisable to closely monitor your site’s statistics in order to understand which aspects are impacted.


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