Do artificial intelligences have their rightful place in the creative sector?

We asked you in a survey on LinkedIn about artificial intelligences: do you think they have a legitimate place in the creative sector?

The opinions, already divergent at Mamoot, turned out to be eclectic… Yes, or provided that, no.

irst, it is legitimate to question the real creativity of these systems.

First of all, if we consider that creativity is the ability to create something new, unprecedented, this is in fact what AIs do perfectly since their generated works are unique. We can therefore say that they are creative. ✔ Now, we also know that they are based on a database that includes all known works already created. We can then conclude that their creations, are in fact the addition of works already created by Man. And therefore the result of our Art History.

Nevertheless, like any revolution, this system allows those who do not have access to technology or artistic education to be able to create and implement the ideas or images that are born in their minds. For this, we think it is useful. 🤝

It should also be noted that so far it is images or information that are broadcast on a surface (screen, canvas, …). Indeed, what will happen to the conquest of arts that take place in a space such as sculpture?

📌 In the end, we think that these new technologies disturb and divide us since before even talking about it, we should already agree on what is art, what is the artist, from when and how far can we define creativity. You’ll understand, many questions, few answers but we think they are worth asking.

👉 And you, do you agree with our reasoning? Do you have any other arguments to share with us? Don’t hesitate to share them with us on our LinkedIn page: Mamoot, creative & digital agency. : Presentation | LinkedIn


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