Google Search On 2022 update: what changes can you expect?

At its last event, Google revealed the updates it would bring to its Search. The intention is very clear: to develop the user’s search experience by making it as natural and intuitive as possible.

Indeed, it is the end of an era: that of the search for information as we know it. From now on, Google will talk about search experience and to do so, we will switch to a new universe, more visual and more sensory. And in order to get the exact result we will now be able to combine text(s), photo(s), video(s), voice, … The tech giant goes so far as to say that our camera is our keyboard of tomorrow!

We summarize the five major changes you can expect:

1/ Text translation

    Although it already exists, Lens translation will be upgraded: the instantly translated text of a photo, poster or other will be directly written on it as if it were the original text, making the experience more natural and pleasant.

    2/ Google Maps

    The 2D map as we have known it until now is over and now we have a multidimensional map! Indeed, it will now be possible for you to visualize a neighborhood in all its forms (shops, restaurants, places to visit,…) or to live an immersive visit in the latter. The first 5 cities (Tokyo, Los Angeles, London, San Francisco and New York) to be able to benefit from this will experience these changes in the coming months.

    But that’s not all. It will also be possible for you to be in the street and to be able, thanks to your camera, to see all the elements around you (the names of streets, the neighbouring businesses with their notes, if there are people, the public transport lines,…) but this technology, the Search Live View will first be launched in 6 cities before expanding to others.

    3/ MultiSearch

    It will now be possible for you to combine photo and text for your search. For example, if you are looking for a garment with a particular print, you can simply take a picture of it and add a keyword such as “shirt” so that it will give you more precise results.

    4/ Text entry

    Instead of offering you search keywords when you type in the search bar, it will now offer you relevant content via articles, links, web pages so that you can automatically come across the information you were looking for.

    5/ Shopping

    Shopping becomes more visual as Google, based on a handful of photos, will be able to create a 3D view of the product on sale but will also offer you entire looks to inspire you or find pieces that match.

    It also becomes safer thanks to the comments, reviews and buying guides put forward by the web giant.

    Always with the aim of making your search more intuitive, it will be based on your preferences (colors, styles, brands,…) to propose you a content which looks like you!

    As you can see, the world leader is still pushing its limits to improve its users’ experience. Its promise is simple: natural and fast. To do this, he intends to rely on the new visual landscape that has emerged thanks to platforms such as Tik Tok or Instagram.


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