How to have a consistent impact on Google’s natural referencing?

What is Google referencing?

Also known as S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) it is a tool that regulates web traffic. Indeed, when you search for a word, a site, a professional or other, a list of results is offered to you. The websites referenced at the beginning of the first page of results obtained are the most visible and especially those that you will request following your search.

Why is SEO interesting for your business?

As mentioned above, the more your referencing is optimal, the more you will benefit from web visibility and this is not negligible. The Internet has become the most widely used research tool of our time. But it must be admitted that very few people get to the end of the first page before clicking on the first sites that appear. So on the one hand, we benefit from the largest community we can reach via the internet, but on the other hand, we can become invisible to our audience because our competition is more present there than we are.

It is therefore essential to be present on the web to really benefit from the magic of the web in terms of advertising and visibility. But that’s not enough… for this showcase to have positive consequences on your business, it will also be necessary that the traffic attracted is your target otherwise you will be visible but for people who are not looking to use your goods or services.

How to act on it?

There are different ways to impact your SEO.

First of all, propose a quality and personal content because Google’s robots inevitably spot copy/pasted content. The quality of your site also plays a determining role because the most successful ones are honored.

Then, your titles must be catchy: neither too long nor too short, clear, efficient and well written (avoid a succession of keywords). Google prefers to emphasize rich speeches at the editorial level, so accumulating keywords is not conclusive. On the other hand, they can be used in the description of your site which is not visible to the user but understandable to Google so that it can better define you and therefore propose you during searches adapted to your activity.

In addition, the choice of the size of your images or video also plays a role. No need to import heavy files that are complicated to load. Aim for a compromise between the weight of your image and its quality because Google appreciates fast loading between the different pages of your website.

Constant activity over time is necessary. Even if you are the best referenced, a lack of activity will make you lose your efforts and everything will be redone. To keep you active, consider writing a blog or creating a space that you can expand on a daily basis to keep in touch with your audience.

In conclusion

The S.E.O. is a very interesting tool when it is turned to your advantage, otherwise it can be an obstacle to reach your goals. There are many tips to apply in order to turn the tide in your favor, but if we had to define the qualities necessary to achieve this, it would be: regularity, quality and activity. We remain aware that this is not really affordable for everyone, which is why some people have made it their profession!

At Mamoot, we offer you a free audit! In one interview, we evaluate your situation. Based on this, we will make an estimate of the improvements to be made to your project. This is an opportunity to focus on your strengths and weaknesses, or simply an opportunity… to see things a little more clearly!

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