Programmatic advertising, the ultimate tool for advertising campaigns?

At Mamoot, we appreciate it very much. Simple but effective, it allows you to establish the most interesting advertising campaigns. In this article, we explain everything there is to know!

What is the principle?

Programmatic advertising relies on A.I. (artificial intelligence) that allows your sponsored content to be seen and read by the audience you want to target. Indeed, rather than paying a large budget to flood the space with your campaign that will be seen or heard by a majority of people you are not targeting, a programmatic campaign will allow you to decrease the financial investment while increasing the profitability of it.

This A.I. is going to be interested in the behaviors of each one: consumption, geolocation, the Internet pages that you consult,… And according to this, will propose you content that will be adapted to it and that you will be sensitive to click on.

In summary there are three types of targeting:

  • Geo-targeting (to limit the campaign to a geographical area, ideal for local companies);
  • the socio-demographic (determined by the famous cookies, it allows to determine what type of customer you are (e.g.: a 30 years old man, executive in a company that sails on weekends));
  • Behavioral targeting (determined by your habits (what sites you have visited before, what purchases you have made or what other ads you have wanted to click on))

Taken together, this data speaks volumes about consumers and their sensibilities.

Through which medium?

The campaign supports can be varied: press pages, networks, websites, connected signs, … Any “rentable” space to place an ad. The price of the latter varies and is debated at auction in real time and is therefore governed by market demand and supply.

What are the benefits?

  • precise targeting as explained above;
  • live media buying that allows you to react live to adjust your strategy according to the data collected;
  • Consumers are provided with relevant content that may be of interest to them rather than seeing ads that they find uninteresting;
  • the spaces made available are numerous and diverse and determined thanks to the different targeting carried out by the A.I;
  • the versatility of the contents (banners, audio, video, social networks, …).

Why do we use it at Mamoot?

This system seems to us to be the most effective. We are not in favor of costly campaigns on which the concrete return can be quite unclear.

Thanks to programmatic, we have the possibility to adjust the campaign at any time to push it to its maximum performance. Accurate statistical feedback gives you precise information about your audience and what they want.

Through this technique, campaigns are democratized and make it possible to talk about oneself at the right time, in the right place, to the right people and this, for a lower budget than what we are used to in the advertising world.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can establish the best communication channels for your company!

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