What impact can a graphic design have on your business?

What is a graphic charter?

Also called graphic standards book, it is actually a document that will include all the “rules” established by and for a company in terms of communication and usage. Simply put, it is a simple and effective tool that will allow you to be consistent and impactful with an audience.

What elements can be found there?

Some elements are essential to define. First, your logo and its possible variations. Indeed, although the latter must be a minimum of fixed, it is still necessary to limit or not the uses that can be made. If we want to decline it, how consistent is it with your universe?

Secondly, your typography(s) as well as their color(s) and visual representations (photographs and/or illustrations). The supports you will use (flyers, business cards, roll-up,…), the aesthetics of a shop window (physical or on the web), the interesting events for your activity,…

In addition, each piece of information must be explained and its possible uses and variations must be indicated.

Finally, any detail that allows you to sharpen your image towards your audience.

Why is this important for your business?

It is a powerful tool in the simple fact that it questions you in your desires/objectives/values. Indeed, it pushes you to present yourself, to define yourself in relation to others (clients or competitors), to explore your possibilities but also to set limits that you must not cross at the risk of risking your credibility.

If it is effective, it will allow you to have an impactful and powerful speech with your audience. It will also save you time in creating your documents or campaigns, especially if several people are working on them.

Above all, it will give you the confidence of your potential customers to whom you will give a stable, consistent and reliable image.

In conclusion

The graphic charter is an essential to constitute when you launch your business. More than an asset, it will be a tool to enlighten you on the best choices to make in order to build or reinforce your image with your competitors, but above all with your customers. No matter your sector or your values, an effective charter is one that reflects you! At Mamoot, we take it to heart to establish these standards with you, because once you have done so, this tool will give you autonomy in your future ideas and achievements.


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