Google updates its SEO algorithm

The tech giant has announced that within two weeks, the whole world will be able to benefit from its new algorithm: Helpful Content Udpdate. Already tested by our English-speaking neighbors, it will now be available for content in all languages. But what does this mean for your website, its SEO and the content you publish on it? We explain everything….

What is the purpose of this update?

Google is clear about its intentions to “more fairly reward pages that provide users with a positive experience, as opposed to pages that fail to meet user expectations.”

It is therefore a question of rewarding useful and informative content rather than rewarding the technical prowess of some to promote their meaningless content by manipulating Google’s criteria for highlighting.

What consequences will this have on your website?

Well, it all depends on your website. Google explains, “Any content, useful or not, on sites identified as primarily publishing non-value-added information, will be less likely to rank well in Google search results, if other online content is more relevant. That’s why we recommend removing unnecessary content.”

You will have understood, it is time for them to highlight the quality of content published on the web. This comes from a real desire to offer its users a relevant, reliable and human-oriented service.

So, good or bad news?

It all depends on which side you are on. Bad news for “click whores” but great news for content creators of all kinds and especially for users. Our research experience will be more efficient and enjoyable.

Although the competition between the different results will be fairer, this will lead to an increase in the general quality: no more haphazard publications, no more bad spelling and above all no more copy/paste, even in small quantities.

How to evaluate the quality of my site?

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you behind! Google has published a form with questions that you have to answer yes or no. This will allow you to understand their evaluation criteria and to act accordingly. The link is at the bottom of the page

What to do to be ready?

Rather than waiting for the results of the races, make an appointment with the MAMOOT team to perform your free audit! Together, we explain what we think you should keep or banish from your habits.

To access the Creating useful, trustworthy, human-centered content form, go to Google Search Central | Documentation | Google Developers


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